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We "Serve."  Service to you with top commissions, training, and support; so you can help us serve our funeral home partners in providing peace to families; with lifestyle in income, time, and satisfaction served back to you.
Welcome To PreNeed Funeral Services
Our preneed service heritage is founded upon years of service to funeral homes in support of their service to families within their communities. We fulfill our mission as a team of career minded professional Counselors who appreciate PreNeed Funeral Service's culture of full support, respect, market initiative, and industry high compensation as foundations of success.

As an additional foundation of success, there are many inherent elements that support families in choosing your service. These are government benefits, industry benefits, financial and legal advisor endorsements, and the level of support from PreNeed Funeral Services, to name a few.

Some of the most influential elements of Counselor success in any market and local economy is from the family themself. By life experiences or sensibilities with age, seniors recognize the importance of funeral pre-planning and pre-funding. Regardless of economic conditions they enroll with a first visit to satisfy the yearning within themself. As families recognize our understanding of their needs and our genuine interest in their welfare, a willingness emerges within them to pre-plan and establish a pre-funded funeral home relationship secured with a preneed contract and your success.

Further, families seek the sources of peace from funeral prearranging planning: (1) properly memorialize themself, (2) eliminate conflicts among loved ones over service details, (3) reduce emotional stress, and (4) minimize financial burdens on loved ones at the time of their passing, among many other benefits. Families are now recognizing that preplanning and prefunding their funeral is a last great gift they can offer themself and their loved ones.  Families also see the positive impact on loved ones is so grand, it is now unacceptable not to prearrange their funeral wishes and needs.

You can review more market and family benefits and elements that support your natural success in the Interview Documents tab.  Importantly, Counselors sense great satisfaction in helping seniors satisfy their yearning desires, and earn a professional income and enjoy great time flexibility by helping them.

PFS Service Commitments
Service to Funeral Homes

- Our service expands their influence in their community under increasingly
competitive markets by securing future business with preneed contracts.
- Preneed contracts are secured with high industry growth rates.
- We create goodwill with families within the community.
- Counselors increase community awareness of our funeral home partners.

Service to Families
- Provide peace through preparation in fulfilling their welling yearnings for
knowing they will be cared for at their time of need.
- Allows the life of seniors to be honored and remember as they wish.
- Preplanning minimizes the emotional burden on their loved ones.
- Prefunding minimizes typical financial stress on loved ones on that day.

Service to Counselors
- Our primary focus is towards Counselor success. Through your success
we know our funeral home partners and family customers will be served.
- We support rapid Counselor success with industry high commissions so
Counselor can most readily earn the family / lifestyle income each seeks.
- Our incentive programs provide further earnings power, encourage
Counselors to reach their greatest potential, and reward success.
- We fully train with the most simplified, refined, and effective methods that
provide Counselors with the industry's greatest and consistent success.
- We provide classroom instruction and coaching, plus field support as needed.

Get To Know Us, And Join With Us In Service
This website is simple and will grow with bells and whistles. Yet even now contains ample information and detail to allow you to get better acquainted with who we are, what we do, the demands in the market, the details of this position, and more.

We welcome your thorough review of these materials and we are confident that there is no better preneed provider than PreNeed Funeral Services to support your rapid and ongoing success in this industry.

We welcome your inquiries, questions, comments, and interest in helping us, help funeral homes and families each fulfill their needs and benefits through preneed services. By joining with our efforts PreNeed Funeral Services can provide you with unmatched support to what you wish to become, do, and have as a part of your imperative needs and wants for yourself and your loved ones.

See Interview Documents tab for contact information.

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